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The Laboratory for Neurosciences was founded by Professor Francesco Carlo Morabito in 1992.

Curriculum Vitae and list of Publications.

NeuroLab is an interdisciplinary laboratory at the University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria (italy), Faculty of Engineering devoted to research and development Soft Computing systems.

In general Soft Computing techniques consist of Fuzzy Set Theory, Neural Networks, and Genetic Algorithms. Such computing techniques are mathematical models, algorithms, and computer programs used to model, predict, or control complex physical systems, such as industrial processes or natural systems.

Our mission is to study the signals (EEG, ECG, EMG) of the human system , and to train under/graduate students to become leaders of a new generation of neuroscientists.


Complex Network, Neural Network, Fuzzy Systems, Chaos, Hough Transform, Support Vector Machine, Hough Transform, Evolutionary Computation, Non Destructive Testing, Wavelet Transform, PCA-ICA

International Journal of Neural Systems

The journal improves yet again on its impact factor from 6.056 in 2013, and is currently ranked 2nd out of 123 in the category of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence.



The 'Messaggeri della Conoscenza' has aim to activate supplementary teaching experimental initiatives which enable to provide the universitary students methods of teaching and research typical of the international scientific centers excellence."

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Neural Networks, Elsevier

The Official Journal of the International Neural Network Society, European Neural Network Society & Japanese Neural Network Society