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Prof.ssa Sushmita Mitra

Prof.ssa Sushmita Mitra

3 Luglio 2015 - Reggio Calabria

Aula del Consiglio - DICEAM (Ingegneria)

Venerdi 3 luglio 2015, alle ore 11:00, presso l'Aula del Consiglio del DICEAM (ex Facoltà di Ingegneria), la prof.ssa Sushmita Mitra, della Machine Intelligence Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, terrà un seminario dal titolo:

Hybridization with Rough Sets:Application to Bioinformatics and Biomedical Imagery

L'iniziativa si svolge all’interno del programma “Distinghished Lecturer Program” dell’IEEE CIS, cioè della sezione Italiana della Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) dell’Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE).


Prof.ssa Sushmita Mitra [homepage]
Machine Intelligence Unit,
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Prof. Francesco Carlo MORABITO
Pro-Rettore Delegato all’Internazionalizzazione e ai Rapporti istituzionali
Professore Ordinario di Elettrotecnica
Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria
Coordinatore Progetto Europeo “Connect2SEA”

Rough set theory is an established tool for dealing with imprecision, noise, and uncertainty in data. It provides an important and mathematically established tool for dimensionality reduction in large data. A lot of research has been undertaken, over the last decade, for integrating rough sets into the broader framework of computational intelligence. In this talk we provide an overview of such hybridization, along with some applications. We begin with a brief introduction to rough sets, followed by some of their hybridization with fuzzy sets and genetic algorithms, in tasks involving dimensionality reduction and clustering. Experimental results demonstrate their effectiveness in diverse domains like microarray gene expressions, face recognition, and CT scan images.